4 years of modi rule

4 years of Modi rule convinced me that we need presidential system by Shashi Tharoor

Never has the separation of powers between executive and legislative organs been more necessary than today. It has become increasingly clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi runs a parliamentary system in a presidential style. This gives Indians the worst of both worlds: an unfettered executive with an automatic parliamentary majority – which, unlike true presidential systems, is […]

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ethnic cleansing

Is Ethnic Cleansing Coming to India by Shashi Tharoor

Some four million people in Assam state, nearly all of them Bengali Muslims who have lived in India for more than four decades, are at risk of disenfranchisement after being excluded from the National Registry of Citizens. That will help the Hindu nationalist government in the next general election, but not the goal of peace […]

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A Screw Turns Back In Time by Zareer Masani

A brilliantly-researched book says that free trade under colonialism served India’s economic interests wonderfully. Nehruvian socialism did not. What a delight to find a history of Indian capitalism pac­ked with enough econometric and statistical data to sat­­isfy academics, but still accessible to lay readers. Roy, based at the London School of Economics, is a quiet, […]

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Modi govt’s proxy vote bill for NRIs will lead to misuse and fraud. by Shashi Tharoor

The govt has succumbed to myopic political benefits in a bid to garner NRI votes by hastily passing a poorly drafted bill. On 9 August 2018, the Lok Sabha passed The Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill, 2018. The Speaker extended the sitting of the house by an hour and the government surreptitiously deferred a […]

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Mumbai Notebook by Anil Dharker

Next to where we live in the city`s South, Metro work (‘Mumbai is upgrading’) starts at 6 AM. That’s by their clock, which more often than not, has no relation to other time-pieces. The banging and digging and hammering stops at 10 in the evening, but here the Metro clock, which runs really fast in the mornings, […]

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English writer and literature Nobel Prize 2001, Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul poses during a photocall before a conference in Madrid, 27 May 2002. Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul was born in 1932, near Port of Spain in Trinidad, in a family descended from Hindu immigrants from northern India. His father was a journalist. He went to England at the age of 18 to study at Oxford University, and has lived in England since then, devoting himself to writing. His work includes "The Mystic Masseur" (1957), his first work, a novel; "Miguel Street" (1959), short stories establishing Naipaul as a humorist; "A House for Mr. Biswas" (1961); "The Loss of El Dorado" (1969), a colonial history of Trinidad, and "Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions among the Converted Peoples" (1998), a description of the eastern regions of Islamic world.

VS Naipaul dies at 85: Reading the Nobel laureate is to see literature at its finest, and that’s all that should matter by Anil Dharker

By the time I have sat down to write this, just a day after VS Naipaul’s death, every publication and every writer in the world seems to have paid a tribute to him. But ‘tribute’ is the wrong word here; that generally stands for undiluted praise, a highlighting of the deceased’s qualities of heart and […]

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Trump Is Losing India by James Crabtree

“I love Hindu” was how Donald Trump put it, speaking to a cheering audience of Indian Americans at an election rally in 2016. “We are going to be best friends,” he added of his hopes for U.S. ties with India. “There won’t be any relationship more important to us.” And yet, as with so often […]

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The Inevitability Of Virtual Reality by James Crabtree

VR is a new technology that already seems rather old-fashioned. We’ve had VR headsets for years, which never seem to take off. There have been a bunch of virtual worlds too. I read an essay about Second Life recently— remember that? — which is still limping on. And yet, a few days ago, I visited the Facebook campus in Menlo […]

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You can take Rahul out of Pappu but not the Pappu out of Rahul by Shekhar Gupta

A Rahul Gandhi who hugs his inner Pappu is Narendra Modi’s clear challenger and target for 2019. This Friday’s debate on the Opposition’s no-confidence motion answers several questions. First, should the Opposition let the BJP make it a Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi election in 2019, or fight it state by state? Rahul has himself […]

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Mumbai Notebook by Anil Dharker

The Prime Minister of India boasts of his government`s achievements whenever and wherever he speaks. Following His Master`s Voice, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra does likewise. Here`s his latest statement, delivered to the Assembly with a flourish of trumpets: 2014-15:        14,455 2015-16:         5, 316 2016-17:         4,478 2017-18:         4,044 The declining figures the CM is bragging about are the number […]

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Beautiful Game? by Anil Dharker

Who called it the ‘Beautiful Game’? There are many claimants but the one who made it synonymous with football was the legendary Pele with his autobiography, My Life and the Beautiful Game. Tonight when France plays Croatia in the World Cup Final, will we see the beautiful game? Or will we see football for what it really is? […]

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