On Stage – August’16 : Anil Dharker

Stratford upon Avon in the summer of 2016 is the place to be. After all, this is Shakespeare’s birthplace and this is the 400th anniversary of his death. The Bard, as Shakespeare is universally known, lived a reasonably comfortable life judging from his parental home which is here, as well as his wife, Anne Hathaway’s […]

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Bombay Diary 29th July

Bombay Diary 29th July – Financial Chronicle

Bombay Diary July 29, 2016 A few years ago, when for my sins, I was a member of the Bombay Gym`s Managing Committee, I tried to liven up the club`s library with ‘Meet the Author’ events. The first such evening was ‘House Full’ (not really surprising when the library could seat only about 50). The […]

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25th July

Asian Age/ Deccan Chronicle – 25th July

When you see photographs of a former Chief Justice of India on the sports pages, it is a clear sign that judicial overreach has reached a new high in our country. From dictating the age and size of diesel cars, to the age of retirement of Cricket Board officials, to prescribing what entrance exams should […]

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Bombay Diary 22nd July

Bombay Diary 22nd July – Financial Chronicle

Bombay Diary July 22, 2016 A friend said to me, “Your London Diaries are far more entertaining than your Bombay Diaries.” She then added a smiley to show this was a light hearted comment – a diplomatic thing to do since I write approximately 50 of the latter and 2 of the former in a […]

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Polaris in collaboration with LitLive! 360 @campus

Polaris kickstarts the Department of mass media festivals in Mumbai and is a much coveted one. This year Lit live! 360 @campus collaborated with them to hold a workshop on Writing Sonnets by Sampurna Chattarji and about 40 students registered and participated in the same. LL! also organised a Book Swap for Polaris, where we […]

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London Diary 15th July


ENGLAND DIARY JULY 15, 2016 “Sylvia and I are delighted to welcome you to our home for the 28th annual Celebrity Cricket Match in aid of Wellbeing of Women.” So began the letter from Sir Victor Blank. This being England, ‘our home’ was a large mansion in a very large country estate, an hour’s drive […]

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Bombay Diary 9th July

London Diary 9th July – Financial Chronicle

London Diary / July 9, 2016 July in England means the sun occasionally coming out of purdah, locals walking about in flimsy tee shirts while we jettison our overcoats for pullovers. It means children tugging their parents to ice cream vans, flowers in vivid colours everywhere. . . July in England also means Wimbledon. As […]

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Indian Express 8th July

Indian Express What is Brexit about? Is it about Britain leaving the European Union? Is it about the disruption this has caused in the world economy? Is it about hyper-nationalism and the fear of immigrants in general and Islam in particular? It is, of course, all this, but Brexit is primarily about too much democracy. […]

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Bombay Diary 1st July

Bombay Diary 1st July – Financial Chronicle

Bombay Diary July 1, 2016 If you go past Mumbai`s Brabourne Stadium, you will see a sign telling you that the offices of BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket in India) lie in the vicinity. It`s a decrepit board (though the Board is anything but), and scarcely does credit to the richest cricket body in […]

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Bombay Dirary 24th June

Bombay Diary 24th June – Financial Chronicle

Bombay Diary 24th June 2016 Many years ago, a British literary magazine held a contest for the most boring headline. The winner went something like this: SMALL EARTHQUAKE IN CHILE/ NOT MANY INJURED. What would be a boring headline for Mumbai? FIRST RAINS OF MONSOON/ RAIL SERVICES NORMAL. It`s a boring headline Mumbaikars pray for […]

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Bombay Dirary 17th June

Bombay Diary 17th June – Financial Chronicle

Bombay Diary 17th June 2016 India must be the most movie-crazy, star-obsessed country in the world. Yet, how many books are there on Bollywood heroes and heroine? Very, very few. One of the reasons could well be ‘Access’: cinema correspondents of newspapers or editors of film magazines cultivate movie stars, and in turn, the stars […]

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