The Journey is the Destination – Ashwin Sanghi

The Journey is the Destination © Ashwin Sanghi (Written for the Times of India – Speaking Tree)   What is spirituality? Numerous sages, philosophers and thinkers down the ages have attempted to answer that question. Many of them saw spirituality as a quest to connect with a greater power—the divine. I see it a little differently. […]

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Coffee and the Writer – Sam Cutler

Coffee and the Writer   Can it be Tuesday ??  The years days and seconds roll into one as I sit in a small hotel room in Delaware and my non conforming memories try to follow the dissolving calendar … without a morning coffee I am like a shepherd without sheep wondering what the strange crook in my hand […]

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Patna Roughcuts – Amitava Kumar

Patna Roughcuts (Written for Granta on March 31, 2015)   1 When I was a boy in Patna in the seventies, the Boring Road crossroad boasted two businesses that were popular among the locals. One was Quality Corner, where you could buy the best samosas, and the other was the provisions store, Cheap and Best. Both businesses […]

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The Many Faces of Lord Ganesha – Shashi Tharoor

The Many Faces of Lord Ganesha(Written for The Taj Magazine  in the First Quarter, 2002)     The remover of all obstacles and bestower of wishes, he is worshipped in myriad expressions of form and material -wood, terracotta, bronze, clay, silver and stone. He is easily recognized by his elephant-head and curving trunk resting over his […]

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Secular Confessions – Mahesh Rao

Secular Confessions (Written for Mint  on July 8, 2016)   I push open the door of dark, weathered wood. There are always a few seconds of suspense before you enter an unfamiliar church. What exactly is on the other side? A magnificently ornate façade can often belie the interior: a simple vaulted ceiling and a sedate […]

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All that matters – Siddharth Shanghvi

All that Matters (Written for Times of India  on July 31, 2016) For Swachh Bharat, we must teach our kids to pack light, flush right   Dear Mr Modi, I admire the Swachh Bharat campaign. I’m trying to see if we can have a conversation about it — about how we define sanitation, for instance, or […]

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The ‘I’ in Eve – Arundhati Subramaniam

The ‘I’ in Eve (Written for The Hindu  on April 30, 2016) Why should women artistes be apologetic about the use of the first person singular in prose and poetry? At a recent literature fest, a young woman poet prefaced her reading with the breathless apology: “I still use the pronoun, ‘I’. But as I mature, […]

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The Lore of Renuka – Devdutt Pattanaik

The Lore of Renuka (Written for mid-day  on April 22, 2012)     A sacred narrative needs to be distinguished from a parable (story with moral ending), a fable (story with animals that express human emotions), history (reportage of an actual event), or literature (an individual’s fantasy that seeks to entertain or provoke thought). The sacred […]

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Set Kanhaiya Free, Dissent is not Anti – National – Shashi Tharoor

Set Kanhaiya Free, Dissent is not Anti – National (Written for NDTV.com on February 24, 2016)   A great deal has already been written about the arrest of JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar and the ensuing national uproar. But the drama highlights a broader danger: the growing evidence that the BJP is orchestrating a deliberate and strategic […]

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Dear Kanhaiya Kumar – Kiran Nagarkar

Dear Kanhaiya Kumar (Written for scroll.in on March 16, 2016)     Post Script This is first time I am starting a letter with a Post Script instead of ending with one. Dear Kanhaiya Kumar, I finished this letter to you on Monday night and must confess that not even in my worst-case scenario had I ever […]

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Lounging About – Sam Cutler

LOUNGING ABOUT It’s important to be lazy ! To make room in one’s life for periods of laziness .. not weeks or months (necessarily) but at the very least happy little blobs of time that are sufficient to allow one to be thoroughly ‘idle’. The Western world is obsessed with endless toil, Henry Ford’s “going and doing”, and (it […]

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