No Women No Cry by Anil Dharker

EDM, as you would know if you are young, ( and are behaving young anywhere in the world), is a happening thing. However, if you are young in Bengaluru or in Mumbai, you would know that EDM is not happening. Not happening at all. That’s because the authorities, whose job is to authorise, decided that […]

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True Lies by Anil Dharker

TRUE LIES Anil Dharker   A new year is a time of look forward to new beginnings, new adventures, new explorations. It says something about human beings’ innate optimism, that however bad the previous year has been, we gather together with a cheerful spirit on New Year`s Eve (which is only partially due to the […]

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What’s In A Name? by Anil Dharker

Bombay Diary January 9, 2017   About a month ago, the Maharashtra government changed the name of Mumbai`s Central Railway terminus and its international airport. Again. To recap, the railway terminus at Bori Bunder, a prime example of the Indo-Saracen style of architecture as well as a UNESCO Heritage site, was commissioned in 1887. For […]

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Look at the Bright spot By Anil Dharker

Bombay Diary January 2, 2017   Resuming this column after a mere six weeks, I find that the whole world has turned topsy-turvy. For starters (and middles and enders), Donald trumped Hilary. And Narendra Modi, India`s best Foreign Minister ever, and occasional Prime Minister, showed us why it would be good for the nation if […]

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Partition and the Idea of Pakistan : Venkat Dhulipala

The road to new Medina. THE YEAR 2017 will mark the 70th anniversary of the birth of India and Pakistan. While official Independence celebrations will no doubt be organised on both sides of the Radcliffe Line to mark the event along with a host of patriotic observances and festivities, Partition itself is certain to receive […]

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To Kill An Arab : Sándor Jászberényi

To Kill An Arab A Short Story by Sándor Jászberényi   We put the two machine guns on the kitchen table. “I’ll take them to headquarters,” said the colonel to the boys, who then stepped back outside as he closed the door. The engine started up and the jeep took off, carrying the fellows we’d […]

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The Writing Life: What Makes Anil Dharker And The Tata Lit Live Festival In Mumbai So Successful?

This article was originally posted in The Huffington Post on 17th November 2016   Anybody who’s somebody in India’s sprawling literary world — author, auteur, acolyte — will be at, or will want to be at, the Tata Lit Live, which runs November 17-20. Can’t get in? Keep trying. Its founder, the veteran columnist and […]

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Shakespeare – Gulzar

Shakespeare   Raise the curtain, Shakespeare, Your characters wait in the wings, Adorned in their costumes Their make-up done Their lines memorized – Lines that resonate Four-hundred years later With the same conflicts: To be or not be – Aware that the world’s a stage And we are merely actors. Even today, naïve Juliet Leans […]

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Roz Wahi Akhbar Ka Column – Gulzar

THE SAME NEWS   Every day the same newspaper column Gulps of the same brackish news Every day the same mouthful of promises; Sentences dissected Each word chewed again and again   How long can one masticate The chewing gum of daily statements? Now one has come to learn: Just spit it out If the […]

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Shobhaa De for FirstPost

Shobhaa De: I will always remain a curious journalist, permanently in search of a story (Interview by Prayag Arora – Desai on November 5, 2016)   You can’t talk about literature in the city of Mumbai without mentioning Shobhaa De. Shobhaa has been credited with changing film journalism in India, has dabbled in fiction, penned […]

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On Stage – November ’16

On Stage November 2016   Every November, Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest attaches itself firmly to almost all venues of NCPA. That`s because Mumbai’s international literary festival is not just a Literature Live! event, or a Tata event, but very much NCPA`s event too. (Full disclosure: I am the Founder and Director of the litfest). So it has […]

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